The Galaxy S6 Is Certified as Secure

The UK’s CESG Joins Other Top Security Agencies

Samsung_security_lThe Communications and Electronics Security Group (CESG) is a UK government agency that provides assurances regarding information security. Its certifications are official, and a CESG stamp of approval on equipment paves the way for sales to UK government workers. The CESG is part of the Government Communications Headquarters, a British agency delivering information security and monitoring services to the UK military and intelligence.

The CESG doesn’t endorse products, but its approvals provide public and private employers with the knowledge that a device has gone through proper security testing. A CESG certification is a valuable badge for a spec list.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have just been certified by the CESG under its Commercial Product Assurance programme. The stamp of approval offers an additional boost to the devices’ enterprise status, and should go further to establish Samsung’s reputation as a maker of secure devices.

Samsung says it’s the first handset maker to receive CESG certification. Samsung’s Knox platform had previously been approved by government agencies in Australia, Finland, Russia and the US. The Korean company lists security certifications from bodies including the US Department of Defense and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone platforms have also received several government security certifications, but Samsung is a notch ahead with more badges to its name.

Samsung doesn’t quite have the enterprise association that BlackBerry did, but the leadership position it’s building in mobile security and device encryption should help it to gain share among government and private employers.

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