CCS Insight Announces New Wearables User Survey

CCS Insight is proud to announce the results of its new wearables user survey

In early September 2013, CCS Insight and On Device Research conducted a survey of 1,500 people in the US and the UK. We asked about awareness, current ownership and usage of smart wearables, as well as respondents’ intention to buy. The focus of the research was on smartwatches and fitness trackers.

The key findings were that:

  • Awareness of smartwatches and fitness trackers is surprisingly high
  • However, ownership of these devices is low

    Ownership of fitness trackers is higher than that of smartwatches
  • A significant proportion of wearable device owners have stopped using them

    They mostly got bored with them, or the device did not provide enough functionality
  • Smartwatches have a wide set of functions, which can prevent people from understanding what they are actually about
  • The term “smartwatch” seems to be somewhat misleading — many people think the device is about telling the time
  • Current owners of smartwatches and those who declared an intention to buy one in the next few months are mostly interested in the smartwatch as a piece of novel technology
  • In contrast, fitness trackers have a very clear purpose related to monitoring health and well-being
  • The key reasons why people own or plan to buy a fitness tracker are the benefits and functionality the device offers; the novel technology factor is secondary

Respondents completed the survey on their smartphones. 748 and 736 surveys were completed in the UK and US respectively.

For full details of the findings, please click here to download the survey.

More information about On Device Research can be found at


About CCS Insight

CCS Insight is a global telecommunications analyst company. It provides comprehensive services that are tailored to meet the needs of individual clients, helping them make sense of the connected world.

CCS Insight has developed a research methodology and segmentation for the wearables category which encompasses hot topics such as wearable communication devices (such as Google Glass), smartphone extensions and second mini-screens (such as smart watches), the “quantified self” category that largely caters for personal fitness and well-being at present (such as Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Nike Fuelband). Other segments being assessed by CCS Insight include professional sports, lifelogging, healthcare and entertainment.

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