Accelerating Business Value through Mobility

New Report Showcases Mobility Projects

A new report from CCS Insight, prepared in conjunction with HP Enterprise Services, highlights three mobility deployments that demonstrate the use cases and best practices that have achieved significant results for three organisations.

CIOs and business leaders face greater urgency to initiate the business change needed to put digital innovation — and in particular mobile innovation — at the heart of their competitive advantage. Organisations that have done so are reaping the rewards in terms of employee expectations and business performance.

Most businesses however, lack maturity and experience in creating competitive advantage by deploying mobility solutions. Many are paralyzed when faced by the challenges mobility presents, the most significant of which are the long-term changes to the IT department and the overall business that are needed to be permanently successful.

In focusing on the use cases and business outcomes, the report aims to aid those who want to quickly increase executive engagement in mobility activities, advance their organisations’ maturity levels and, above all, begin to initiate the organisational transformation needed to foster a sharper focus on business innovation within their enterprises.

The three mobility deployments detailed in the report cover a cross-section of industries, business functions and technology maturity levels. They reveal the use cases and best practices that achieved significant business outcomes for their organisations.

To download a free copy of the report, click here.

For a video summary of the report’s themes, see here.

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