Chairman’s Statement

Year ending 31 October 2010

I am pleased to report that CCS Insight has experienced yet another year of growth despite the world economic situation.

Revenue has grown by 20 percent, the increase coming from an expansion of our client base in EMEA and the US. We have not lost a client during the past 12 months — a remarkable achievement given the economic climate.

Martin Garner joined Shaun, Ben and me on the board in November 2009. He has brought a tremendous amount of experience to the company and will play a vital role in our expansion plans.

Despite the doom and gloom that pervades our industry, we continue to expand the infrastructure of the business. Kester Mann has joined us from Nokia to take up the role of product manager, and Jasdeep Badyal continues our graduate programme, becoming a researcher in October 2010.

I should interject a note of caution. We may have expanded, but it has not been easy. Every contract renewed, every new client gained has been hard-fought. I commend every member of the team for the superb efforts they have put in to achieve this excellent result.

Michael Walker

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