New Features Now Available on CCS Insight Pricing Portal

We’d like to draw your attention to the CCS Insight Pricing Portal, which can be found at

We’ve updated the portal with several exciting new features. One of the most important new capabilities is a colour-coded device comparison tool that we’ve called the “traffic light”. This feature allows you to instantly compare products according to their specification and price, and visually assess where one product is better (green), the same (amber) or worse (red). To experience the traffic light comparison tool, log on to the Pricing Portal and perform a detailed comparison of up to six phones.

If you currently subscribe to our pricing service, we would be delighted to provide a face-to-face or online demonstration of the new features.

The Pricing Portal is continuously updated with the latest price data. It includes a database of over 800 phones with prices dating back to 2004. Detailed information on each device is available, with up to 40 different features included in the specification of each product.

The service also features a comprehensive search function, making it possible to access the data by feature, price, date and manufacturer.

Eligible subscribers can access the Pricing Portal using their CCS Insight Hotline account username and password.

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