Another top analyst heads to CCS Insight

CCS Insight today announced the appointment of Geoff Blaber as Senior Analyst, Devices.
Geoff joins from IDC where he worked with many of the leading mobile communications companies, establishing a reputation for informed qualitative analysis on the mobile and wireless industry. His specialist area is mobile devices where he has been involved in research on vendor strategies, product positioning, segmentation and market forecasts.

Prior to that, Geoff worked for a consultancy division of Atkins plc, providing research and advisory services about the application of telecoms in the commercial property sector; and for Competitive Intelligence and Consultancy Ltd (CIC) where he specialised in EMEA and North American IT and mobile device markets. Geoff’s focus at CCS Insight will be on mobile devices, particularly entry level products and enterprise mobility.

Michael Walker, Chairman of CCS Insight said “We are delighted that Geoff has decided to join CCS Insight – he is one of the rising stars in the industry analyst sector. He brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge and we are delighted that he will helping us to further develop the services we offer to our clients.”

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