CCS Insight Growth Continues with Expanded Team and New Products

  • Simon Bryant to lead new worldwide research programmes offering rich data to clients
  • Partnership with Global mobile Suppliers Association strengthened
  • First report on the circular economy for smartphones now available

London, 5 May 2022. Technology research firm CCS Insight is continuing its growth trajectory with the unveiling of fresh research streams and a new senior team member, Simon Bryant.

Simon joins CCS Insight with more than two decades of industry knowledge on data-centric research products across a huge range of connected devices.

Simon and his team, which includes experienced senior analyst Luke Pearce, are developing large, worldwide research programmes based on original research and analysis. The first output is a detailed worldwide assessment of the market for second-hand smartphones and the circular economy that has developed around the processing, refurbishing and reselling of used devices.

Over the coming months, the research programmes will expand to cover topics including mobile system-on-chips and components, Open RAN, private mobile networks, the retail channel landscape, and the worldwide mobile phone market.

In addition, Simon is managing CCS Insight’s new and exciting relationship with the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), which involves delivering multiple industry reports every month as well as supporting the GSA’s GAMBoD database, a comprehensive resource for its global telecom supplier members.

Commenting on his appointment, Simon notes, “I couldn’t be happier to be part of CCS Insight — a best-in-class analyst team, long admired for its piercing insights and deep market knowledge. I’m excited to be part of its growth path”.

He continues, “Building on a strong foundation of respected analysts and products serving an amazing set of clients, we’re launching programmes that will collect and analyse market information on a global scale and deliver analysis in ways that bring market data to life, with practical insights and narratives. We will be developing a variety of new research methodologies while drawing on the expertise of the company’s industry-leading analyst team, which has made CCS Insight the brand it represents today”.

Commenting on the news, CCS Insight CEO Geoff Blaber says, “Adding Simon and his team to the outstanding analysts we already have in the business marks the next chapter of growth we have planned for CCS Insight. Being able to attract top-class talent is an endorsement of our ever-growing stature in advisory services, and I believe the new products we’re developing will add even more depth to our product portfolio”.

The first CCS Insight report to be published by Simon’s team focusses on the market for second-hand smartphones and the associated circular economy. This is one of the hottest topic areas in the mobile phone industry, with total revenue estimated to excess $13 billion in 2021. CCS Insight forecasts revenue to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 22% by between 2022 and 2026 as larger companies enter the market and ramp up trade-in and refurbishing programmes.

The environmental impact of mobile phones is now being widely recognised. CCS Insight estimates that a staggering 1.4 billion smartphones reached the end of their first life in 2021. Up to half of them were discarded or sent to landfill. However, the growing circular economy opportunity is apparent from the 309 million used mobile phones that were traded in some way; more than 100 million ended up in the organised secondary market, comprised of retail chains and other large-scale companies processing high volumes of second-hand smartphones.

Simon notes, “The circular economy in the mobile phone industry is growing and changing at a rapid pace. Established brands are playing catch-up to many innovative, specialist companies; our new research can help all participants in this market gain a deeper understanding of the emerging opportunity”.

Notes to editors

CCS Insight’s report, Throwing a Spotlight on the Smartphone Circular Economy, provides a summary of our research findings. A free copy is available on request.

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