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Vision to Reality: Insights into the XR Market Across Enterprise, Consumer and Telecom

Tuesday 15 August 2023

CCS Insight’s latest free webinar, Vision to Reality: Insights into the XR Market Across Enterprise, Consumer, and Telecoms, is your gateway to understanding the market potential and opportunities presented by nascent Extended Reality technology.

During this free webinar, our analyst team will provide you with exclusive insights and in-depth market perspectives across enterprise, consumer, and telecom industries.

We’ll explore the journey from visionary concepts to practical applications, showcasing how XR is transforming the way businesses operate and consumers engage with content.

We’ll seek to answer some of the major questions stemming from various industries, including:

  • Hands on with the Apple Vision Pro — what were our analysts’ impressions?
  • How will the Apple Vision Pro change the XR landscape?
  • What is the consumer appetite for XR technology, and what could impact future adoption rates?
  • Will XR contribute to driving the evolution of 5G connectivity?
  • How can enterprises leverage XR technology to enhance their operations and customer experiences?
  • Which industry verticals are witnessing significant advancements?
  • What are the future prospects and emerging use cases of XR technology that organizations should be aware of?

This event is now available on demand.

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