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Our most successful ever predictions event took place at the Ham Yard Hotel, London.

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CCS Insight
RT @Satyen_Baindur: 'Nvidia is at the centre of #AI, machine learning & deep learning where the value really resides, which is in neural ne…
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Shaun Collins
Shrewd investment to win hearts and minds early. Was struck by the number of young people @Huawei had invited to…
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Ben Wood
Excellent news. Looking forward to seeing this. :) @FitbitUK
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Martin Garner
@Google TensorFlow Lite launched in beta: Late, but strong competitor to Azure IoT Edge an…
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Geoff Blaber
RT @holgermu: #SanJose real estate: $216,181 income needed to buy a house // #SanDiego $116.120 ... #Orlando at the bottom 'only' $54.148 -…
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Marina Koytcheva
@EisenTV @CCSInsight Ah! I thought I said "brief success" :)
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Nicholas McQuire
RT @ChelseaApps: Looking forward to Chelsea Apps Executive Dinner and Discussion tomorrow night @GrouchoClubSoho . Digital thought-leaders…
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Paolo Pescatore
Lots to catch up on an eventful evening of #UCL. Watching all the goals scored via the enhanced player in the BT Sp…
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Kester Mann
RT @CCSInsight: A leading Western operator adopts a radical new business model by 2021 #ccspredicts
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George Jijiashvili
RT @paolopescatore: Happy #WorldTelevisionDay. Here are a few of our predictions for next year and beyond #ccspredicts #futuretv #WeLoveTV
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Laura Simeonova
RT @CCSInsight: Optimization for artificial intelligence defines competitiveness in mobile chipsets in 2019 and beyond #ccspredicts https:/…
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Katie Taylor
RT @guardianscience: Scientists make first ever attempt at gene editing inside the body
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Tony Worthington
Thoroughly enjoyed speaking at #ccspredicts event today. They get better every year. Keep it going Team CCS!
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