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Save the Date!

Date: 18 November 2015

Venue: 30 Euston Square, London

CCS Insight will hold its annual predictions event in central London on 18 November 2015.

In a series of presentations, the day will set out our 10th set of predictions for the coming year and beyond.

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CCS Insight
HDR may offer some hope for studios and manufacturers shy of repeating 3D's mistakes
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Shaun Collins
RT @geoffblaber: Microsoft's platform and extensibility focus is exactly what was missing under Ballmer #Build2015
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Ben Wood
RT @jyarow: There is lackluster interest in the Apple Watch says UBS.
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Martin Garner
#IoT: good briefing today from @Qualcomm on its approach to smart cities. Well thought out but asset led and low risk - early days I guess
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Geoff Blaber
RT @Ihnatko: The $3500 Tesla Powerwall. For way less than half the cost of an Apple Watch Edition, you can run your whole house on battery …
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Nicholas McQuire
Lethal. >> #Microsoft expects its cloud business 2 b a $20bn annual run rate 2018 through O365, Dynamics, Azure & EMS
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Arnaud Gagneux
This is where companies like #hpq #xrx #lxk achieve more thru diplomacy than 3rd platform co thru confrontation
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Paolo Pescatore
Great piece, worth on 3D, 4K, HDR: Is This 3D's Mayday? Sky Shuts Down Its 3D Channel @CCSInsight
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Marina Koytcheva
RT @CCSInsight: New @CCSInsight forecast expects smartphone sales in Western markets to peak in 2017…
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Kester Mann
What impact from T-Mobile & Sprint? Verizon and AT&T reported pretty low churn in 1Q15, only fractionally above 1%
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Jasdeep Badyal
RT @benwood: P8 smartphone ticks all boxes on design & performance but has mountain to climb to position Huawei as a premium brand http://t…
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George Jijiashvili
Farewell, Grooveshark!
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Rebecca Morley
Check out the latest news, insights, and opportunities from CCS Insight.
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