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This report provides insights into the ever-growing spectrum of connected devices including smart home devices, smart speakers, smartwatches, virtual reality headsets and more. It also offers data on adoption, usage and future buying behaviour.

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CCS Insight
With its Amazon Go grocery store, @Amazon is bringing @IBM's vision of the future of shopping to life. Will the con…
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Shaun Collins
Possibly my favourite Christmas this year. Beautifully written and astonishing detail for understanding the backgro…
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Ben Wood
RT @geoffblaber: This is astonishing. Bitmain emerged out of crypto mining growth to account for 3-5% of TSMC revenue in Q3. Comparable con…
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Martin Garner
RT @geoffblaber: China now the only regulatory obstacle to Qualcomm acquisition of NXP. Central to growth & defense from Broadcom https://t…
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Geoff Blaber
This is astonishing. Bitmain emerged out of crypto mining growth to account for 3-5% of TSMC revenue in Q3. Compara…
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Marina Koytcheva
An absolute must-watch panel discussion @WEF about gender equality and empowering women. Each one of the speakers i…
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Nicholas McQuire
Apple’s always been “a grower, not a shower” in the enterprise
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Paolo Pescatore
Our take on Netflix 4Q17 results $NFLX
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Kester Mann
Good progress in NB-IoT for Deutsche Telekom with deployment across its European and US networks. NB-IoT and LTE-M…
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George Jijiashvili
Impressed with @Snugsearphones custom-molded tips so far. Looking forward to using them more. Shout out to @Shure f…
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Laura Simeonova
RT @CCSInsight: Optimization for artificial intelligence defines competitiveness in mobile chipsets in 2019 and beyond #ccspredicts https:/…
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Katie Taylor
RT @guardianscience: Scientists make first ever attempt at gene editing inside the body
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