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Team Tweets

CCS Insight
After ending support for Windows Phone, @Microsoft's next steps could offer a reinvention of the smartphone:
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Shaun Collins
Really tough decision but on balance, this is right. UK process cannot be held up now decision made.
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Ben Wood
Worth a look - today's @CCSInsight blog on Microsoft and life after Windows Phone.
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Martin Garner
@IBMWatson IoT connected products brief. Automotive doubled in 2 yrs, now the largest segment. Bringing cognitive s…
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Geoff Blaber
RT @nickmcquire: BREAKING> Top 8 most used #mobileapps at work 2017 acc to employees. Facebook, LinkedIn & Amazon had
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Marina Koytcheva
@nationalrailenq You think you are excused for the inconvenience? Is the signaling system ever going to get fixed???
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Nicholas McQuire
Love my jetlag-busting, serene early am runs in Mountain View. As a Londoner, still find it awesome every pedestria…
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Paolo Pescatore
@EisenTV @Tre_It @WindItalia @WindTreOfficial @kestermann The three plans under FREE include a new smartphone every year!
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Kester Mann
RT @benwood: FT argues 5G must not be held up by Hutchison’s spectrum spat. Could not agree more. Terrible for UK Plc if delayed https://t…
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George Jijiashvili
TomTom appears to be reassessing its commitment to #wearables & sports following a particularly bad 2Q17 (Net resul…
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Katie Taylor
RT @GdnPolitics: Whether you are calling it #BattleForNumber10 or #mayvcorbyn, don't forget to play along at home h…
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Tony Worthington
20 years ago an upstart called disrupted UK market. Only lasted 5 years but rare success in UK. Check it out.
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